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This was a Hunter-exclusive weapon in the original Destiny, but the Destiny 2 Ace of Spades is not only available to all classes, it also comes with two powerful perks that make it considerably better than its original version. The first, Memento Mori, buffs your next five bullets whenever you reload after getting a kill.

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The second, Firefly, increases your reload speed and creates solar explosions on headshot kills. In other words, it's absolutely worth owning, but the path to obtaining the Ace of Spades, is a long, winding, and somewhat tenuous one, in true Destiny fashion.

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Here's everything you need to know to get your hands on it and start dominating the competition in Gambit like a true Cayde-6 devotee. The first step to Ace of Spades is the most straightforward one, but also the lengthiest and priciest. You'll need to own Destiny 2, it's Curse of Osiris and Warmind DLCs, and the recently released Forsaken expansion, to even start this process, before making your way through the latter's mission long campaign from start to finish. You'll need to be well over in power level to complete Forsaken's campaign, too, so some grinding may be required in between quests.

Oh, and don't forget to talk to Banshee at the Tower after finishing the expansion's first mission, at which point he'll give you a Quest Step called Cayde's Will, found in your inventory.

Destiny 2 Ace of Spades: How to reclaim Cayde-6's iconic Exotic hand cannon

You won't be able to do anything with it yet, but keep it handy for when you defeat Forsaken's final boss. Upon doing so, you'll pick up the Ace of Spades from Uldren but, shock and horror, it's broken.

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Returning to Banshee at the Tower will kickstart a new set of objectives to retune the Ace of Spades to your Guardian's biodata. You'll need to kill five invading players in the new Gambit PvP mode, defeat enemies during a strike, and score 25 precision kills in the Crucible, all of which must be achieved with a hand cannon weapon of your choosing. Completing these will collect Biorythmic Data that Banshee can then use to recalibrate the Ace of Spades upon returning to him.


Anyone who's played Destiny 2 over the last year will be familiar with Cayde-6's person caches; treasure chests found across the game's planetary zones, filled with loot and goodies and more importantly, parts needed to repair the Ace of Spades for anyone who discovers them hidden away.

Banshee will ask you to go and retrieve these but, now that Cayde's dead, you won't be able to purchase his maps to locate them. Luckily, these caches are in the same places as they've always been, so anyone with a good memory won't have too much trouble returning to each chest.

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William C. Duncan is the author of "Six-Gun Two-Step", an acclaimed suspense novel. Duncan makes his home in North Carolina.

Chris Bedford's parents were early members who disappeared into the countercultural underground of the late 's in the wake of a disturbing violent crime. He was raised by his mother's parents, a college professor and his wife, and as an adult became a criminologist specializing in the study of outlaw motorcycle groups. The Department of Justice offers a substantial financial incentive to enlist Chris's aid, but are they telling him the whole reason for their interest?

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  7. Chris wants to find his long absent father, the FBI wants to find a shadowy serial offender, and the Motor City Motorcycle Club's traditional rivals, the Sinners, want to see them all dead. The young criminolgy professor is about to get a lot more than he bargained for Myers Beach area of Florida.

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    Timely and fast paced, it explores the links between the growing threat of Central American gangs, the international drug trade and terror. He has a beautiful home, a loving wife and son and a bright future in a growing firm. He also has a slacker younger brother who, unknown to him, is a small time drug dealer. Wade, his mother and sister, and Timmy's childhood friend Bobby Fallon find themselves forced to confront demons in themselves and evil beyond their experience.

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    Will they free themselves from deadly events Timmy has set in motion? Or are the shadowy forces moving against them more dangerous than they can possibly imagine? Imagine the worst headlines from today's news knocking on your suburban door Look for eBooks and additional availability to follow.