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Historical Fiction. True Crime. Profession: Author. Event Coordinator. Film Executive. Foreign Publisher. WTH, Adam. When Gansey, Ronan, and Blue get to the party, Kavinsky goes into his dreams to get something to challenge Ronan with. Falling asleep as well, Ronan finds that they both dream of standing in Cabeswater. Kavinsky steals a fire dragon and vanishes as he wakes. Ronan chooses to request instead of steal from Cabeswater.

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Adam appears in the nick of time to restore energy to the ley line using his new woo-woo balance. He also tells Ronan he figured out Ronan paid the rent. Cabeswater, newly charged, grants Ronan one of his dreaded night horrors — only now the horror no longer hates him and will fight for him instead. Meanwhile, the Gray Man was leading the other thugs and his sociopathic brother out of Henrietta. Then, finally he faces up to his SociopathicBrother. He shoots him, twice.

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Hit men. They think there is only one answer to every question. Ronan dreams a new will that allows him to return to the Barns and then takes his catatonic mother to Cabeswater, where she immediately wakes up.

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  8. Then he tells the reader that Adam Parrish is his second secret. Blue discovers that during all of these shenanigans, her mother has disappeared. So am I. Posted by Amber. Comments: Sia Marion says:. Pili says:.

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